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PaanZEE has an AED

In the Netherlands, 35 people suffer from a heart attack outside the hospital every day. To be able to help properly, an AED is indispensable. According to research done by the Dutch Heart Foundation, 34% of Dutch people don’t know where to find the nearest AED in their immediate environment. The faster an AED is depoloyed in the event of a cardiac arrest, the greater the survival chances. Every second counts. All the more reason for PaanZEE to place an AED, since we welcome a lot of people every year. You can find the AED on the outside of a PaanZEE cash register. All together (ours included), there are now 12 AEDs in the Castricum area, which according to the Heart Foundation is a healthy number.

Placing and facilitating an AED isn’t enough though. In the event of an emergency, it’s important someone who can offer first aid and can operate the AED is present. In that context, the PaanZEE team recently did a CPR course. Now they are able to provide the necessary help safely, with the necessary resources available, while waiting for professional help.

In addition to offering you a Happy Parking experience, we at PaanZEE also stand for safety on and around the site. On that note we’re happy to have the AED on our premises to ensure both your and our safety.