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Short-term parking at PaanZEE is the spearhead of the Municipality of Castricum in 2019

In local newspaper De Castricummer, a full-page advertisement of the Municipality of Castricum appeared on March 27 with their spearheads for 2019. Short-term parking at PaanZEE is a long-held wish that we have been drawing attention to for years. We were therefore pleased to read that one of the spearheads is "short-term parking at the beach" in order to "increase the attractiveness of the beach". We hope that short-term parking at PaanZEE is now not only under the attention of the municipality but will actually receive green light for implementation. In any case, it is clear that in addition to the municipality and PaanZEE, you as a visitor of the beach and the users of PaanZEE also think short parking is desirable. Where there is a will there is a way!

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