Why visiting the beach during winter is a great idea

The beach pavilions at CaanZEE (= Castricum aan ZEE) are open all year round, which is quite unique and rare in the Netherlands. On the beaches of Bloemendaal and Zandvoort aan Zee, for example, only one or two pavilions are open all seasons. This means that CaanZEE (and with it PaanZEE) not only attracts visitors with sunny weather but also people who make dune walks in autumn and winter, play sports, go running with their dogs, eat stew or drink hot chocolate when it's grey and rainy. After all, the beach is always a good idea! Next time when it storms or rains realize that the beach can always give you a nice afternoon. PaanZEE is always open at all times so that's no excuse for staying home... For all low season beach lovers there's the 'Dogs & Horses' subscription. A winter season ticket with which you can park unlimited at PaanZEE between October 1st and April 30th. Would you like to order this subscription halfway through winter? No problem! After the summer, starting October 1st, you can again use the remaining days from your Dogs & Horses subscription. Oh and of course you can use this subscription also without a four-legged friend. You can order the Dogs & Horses winter subscription via: