Free wagon

let's go for a ride?

Since this summer we make a visit to the beach even easier (and more fun!). PaanZEE is happy to help and think about what our customers find useful when parking by the sea.Frequently asked was a solution for carrying all the things to and from the car. This can be a lot when you bring your family and all the stuff every one needs. Dragging all that to the beach on a hot summer day is not really a relaxing start of your day.That's why we recently introduced the FREE wagon. And yes, everyone can use them for free. You don't have to be a PaanZEE subscription holder. All 14 wagons are handmade from as much natural material as possible. The chassis is specifically tuned for use on the beach. They are all different in terms of model and quote and therefore unique! Park your car at PaanZEE, pick up a FREE wagon, load in everything and you'll be on the beach in no time. Easy does it! Let’s go for a ride?PaanZEE = Relax, enjoy

Sporty at sea

You can of course just relax on the beach of CaanZEE (we can relate). But there are also quite a lot activities available for you too. Try a surf a lesson (kite) for example, rent a sup board, bodyboard or join in at a bootcamp session by the sea. Nowadays it's even an option to do a yoga session in the sand. Not a bad idea at all: it can't get more relaxing than here, with the sound of the ocean (and some seaguls) in the backgroud. A variant of this that you may not know yet is Aerial Yoga, also known as hammock yoga. Hanging out in a hammock with a view on the surf is part of that. We have placed wooden beams especially for hanging the hammocks above the ground. The yoga postures in the hammock make space in your body. The fresh air makes room in your lungs and the wide view makes room in your mind. Certainly worth a try: ... Dive inOf course you can also take a dip in the old-fashioned way! There are different groups of people who invariably come, summer AND winter, to take a fresh morning dive. Good for everything in your body, but especially a wake-up call that will probably do more than your standard cup of coffee ... Park your car at PaanZEE and you'll be back at your car and at home in no time. After all, a good start to the day is half the battle!