Foot Wash station

clean feat service

There's no better feeling than settling down on the beach, whipping the sand with your bare feet. Freedom! The fine sand of the Dutch coast functions great as a bed to spread out your towel on. If we had to mention one small "disadvantage" of all this sand, is that you don't necessarily want to take it home with you. And that ain't easy if your feet are covered in sand when you go home... To prevent your houses from turning into a sandbox (and the beach an empty sandbox), but of course especially to get you home with fresh feet, we have installed a Foot Wash station (a second one will follow soon!). This way you can rinse your feet fresh and fruity before going in your car after your visit to the beach. This means that another PaanZEE Happy Parking service component has been realized!Source: Photography by Shirley Douwstra-NotmeijerFor all thirsty visitors to the beach it's good to know that the Foot Wash Stations are not suitable as drinking water. For this we refer you to the drinking water point on the beach plateau. There you can tap delicious fresh water for free. We keep it cool, you get the best!

Don't search, just find


On beautiful (indian) summer days, beach guests know where to find CaanZEE. PaanZEE is therefore quite full of cars on those days. Yet there is always a spot available for you in the parking lot. To make searching in the peak crowds a bit easier for you, the PaanZEE staff uses a step to go out for you to find a free space and then hoists a flag to indicate it. That way you can drive your car there directly and you'll be on the beach even faster! We understand better than anyone that you want to enjoy your beach visit as quickly, easily and pleasantly as possible. That's why the PaanZEE team is constantly looking for ways to facilitate you in this. Earlier we wrote about the FREE charging points for electric cars, Blue Line Vouchers, FREE bolder carts and the Foot Wash stations. These are all items that we offer to optimize your parking experience at PaanZEE. So that goes much further beyond just offering a parking space. And we're not nearly finished with expanding our services yet so stay tuned for more to come!

Indian Summer

it's here this weekend

Have you ever heard of the term Indian Summer? You can probably relate it a bit, but here's the whole story in case you'd like to know. The origin of the Indian Summer lies in North America and stands for a period in which it's very warm for the time of the year (autumn) after a period in which it was cold and autumnal. It's sunny and the skies are blue, but at the same time the leaves on the trees are discoloring. Originally only the period in November was so called, but according to climatologists sudden heat in September may also be called Indian Summer. This year we dived into fall quite fast in the Netherlands, in early September, but luckily we have already been able to enjoy some Indian Summer days as well! There is also a Dutch term for Indian Summer: 'old women' summer. It is not known exactly where the term comes from, but it is suspected that it originated in the 16th century. "Old women" would mean a weak summer. In short: late summer. In the Netherlands, temperatures during such an Indian Summer can rise to around 20 to 25 degrees. And yes, this weekend we'll probably be able to enjoy those temperatures again! A visit to the beach is always recommended, but when the colors in nature slowly transform into the shades that fall is rich in and the weather allows you to wear just a t-shirt, then you should really let Netflix wait. As you know, parking at PaanZEE is the starting point of a day outside in and around CaanZEE. Bring a picnic basket, use a PaanZEE wagon and land yourself on the beach. Or charter some friends and have a beach volleyball match. Indian Summer, you gotta love it!