Beach in the fall

why an autumn beach walk is actually a great idea

It's autumn and that means we can go to the beach again without stressful traffic jams, sticky neighbors on the next towel, frying air surrounding you and other people's smartphones with a too loud playlist robbing you from your inner peace. No, when autumn knocks on the door, the coastline is calm and dogs can run free again, you know it's beach walk time. Talking of the beach we of course also mean the dunes! With its versatility in flora and fauna (in the most amazing colors!) It's a pleasure to enjoy the site every season. Dune parks such as those at CaanZEE are characterized by a characteristic landscape and are carefully preserved thanks to the efforts of managers and protectors. Spot a herd of wisents or a colony of spoonbills, go for nice walks, collect autumn treasures or go on an excursion with the forester. Being outside is really worth it all year round! Because as everyone knows: if you've been out in the cold and rain, a hot drink tastes even better. And if you want to warm up after a brisk beach walk, whether or not at a fire, that's also possible. In the Netherlands, many beach bars close their doors in the fall, but luckily that's not the case at CaanZEE: you can enjoy a hot (or cold) drink year round here. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between. Park at PaanZEE en let us be the start of a wonderful day. So, see you soon?