Free wagon

let's go for a ride?

Since this summer we make a visit to the beach even easier (and more fun!). PaanZEE is happy to help and think about what our customers find useful when parking by the sea.Frequently asked was a solution for carrying all the things to and from the car. This can be a lot when you bring your family and all the stuff every one needs. Dragging all that to the beach on a hot summer day is not really a relaxing start of your day.That's why we recently introduced the FREE wagon. And yes, everyone can use them for free. You don't have to be a PaanZEE subscription holder. All 14 wagons are handmade from as much natural material as possible. The chassis is specifically tuned for use on the beach. They are all different in terms of model and quote and therefore unique! Park your car at PaanZEE, pick up a FREE wagon, load in everything and you'll be on the beach in no time. Easy does it! Let’s go for a ride?PaanZEE = Relax, enjoy


combining the useful with the pleasant

Have you ever heard of the term 'plogging'? The word plogging is a combination of the words "plocka upp" (pick up in Swedish) and "jogging." Many people who love running in nature recognize it: you enjoy your run in a beautiful environment but you are greatly bothered by the waste that others have left behind. A piece of plastic left behind in nature will remain there for years and years and is often seen by animals as food. A trend that has started in Sweden combines the pleasant with the useful through plogging: a combination of running outdoors and cleaning up clutter that others have left behind in nature. This trend has also become apparent on our beach at CaanZEE. Without a garbage bag in your hands, you're no longer part of the runners community in Sweden. Incidentally, plogging can also be done during supping, kayaking, etc. As long as you clean up waste and combine it with a sportive activity. If you are in Sweden you will actually see it around you; runners who bend over and clean up trash in a trash can or collect it in a garbage bag.What do you need to do it?Not much is needed to start plogging. When you walk along a route that you know has a lot of waste bins, you can choose to simply collect waste by hand and leave it here every time you pass a waste bin. However, it is more convenient if you bring a (biodegradable) bag to collect the junk. If you drive by car to the starting point of your running location, for example to PaanZEE, you can deposit the bag in one of the trash bins on the site afterwards. If you find the bagging of a bag annoying while walking, you can also carry a lightweight bag of a different material on your back. In short: "plogging" is good for your body as well as for the environment, something we of course applaud at PaanZEE!

Blue Flag is waving at the beach

CaanZEE again awarded with quality mark

Thursday May 9th, the quality labels for coastal municipalities, beaches and marinas were awarded in Ouddorp aan Zee on Goeree-Overflakkee. 181 Beaches and marinas received the Blue Flag. Including, like previous years, the beach of Castricum.Goeree-Overflakkee Municipality, together with the Green Destinations Foundation and Blue Flag Netherlands, organized this day full of information and knowledge exchange to make Dutch destinations, their beaches and marinas safer, cleaner, greener and more sustainable. In practice, this means that marinas and beaches must meet a number of important criteria such as clean (swimming) water, good sanitary facilities and a high level of safety. The Blue Flag is the international award that is awarded annually. The locations apply for this quality mark voluntarily. The Blue Flag is valid for one year: annual inspections are carried out to check whether the beaches and marinas still meet the requirements. Source: https: //castricum.uitkijkpost ....

Weeping elephant is looking out over the sea

a 5 meter high art sculpture

Since Sunday May the 12th a new resident can be found on the beach platform at CaanZEE in front of Razzle Dazzle House. With a striking appearance indeed! It is the Weeping Elephant, a 5 meter high elephant. The art object is a visual art installation made by artist Jantien Mook. CaanZEE and alderman Ron de Haan have together ensured that the elephant was given a central place on the beach plateau during the summer season (mid-May - late September). "The Weeping Elephant," according to the artist, brings an ode to the wilderness and calls for a sustainable environment for humans and animals. 'The Weeping Elephant' is a sculpture (weight: 3 tons) of an African elephant of 5 meters high, made from hollowed-out beech trunks and steel that travels around the world and has been in various cities (Brussels, Ghent, Hamburg, Bremen, Amsterdam), exhibited to create awareness in a positive way. On the way, the elephant visits Castricum aan Zee. Where the elephant appears, this is a striking eye-catcher and popular photo location. The artist was able to realize her sculpture thanks in part to WWF, IFAW and Staatsbosbeheer. Want to read more about this special work of art? (Jantien Mook) or watch the Weeping Elephant live during your visit to CaanZEE!

Blue Line at PaanZEE

How does it work?

Check the movie and find out!