A sustainable world begins with you

Where to start?

The fact that we at PaanZEE have a sustainable mission is probably not entirely in line with your idea of parking. The fact is that cars are super handy! That's why we find it important - in addition to offering you a happy parking experience - to show you that sustainability is of paramount importance to us as well. Fortunately, there is the advance of the electric car: which is both in the production process as wel ass usage much more environmentally friendly. Good to know is that these positive characteristics are mainly attributed to the 100% zero emission cars. That's why only 100% emission-free cars receive a reduction on their (annual) subscription at PaanZEE. Aren't you driving an electric yet but do want to contribute to a greener environment? You can already easily do that with small daily purchases. Every year the unimaginable number of 250 billion kilos of plastic is produced worldwide. About half of them are discarded after using them once. We also notice this on PaanZEE. Litter is not just a problem for the parking lot: plastics and paper also blows into the dunes and then into the sea. If we all switch to reusable variants, the litter would decrease drastically. Think of Dopper bottles, fabrics instead of plastic bags and reusable coffee cups. Too attached to your plastic belongings? Make sure you take everything back with you when you leave PaanZEE. Makes everyone happy! De Volkskrant wrote an interesting article about the sustainability of (yes really) your bag. Read that here.

The charging-pole-sticker phenomenon

what is it and what's it doing?

PaanZEE is a parking lot with a green ambition. We are aware of the vulnerable area we are in. For example, we do our best to remove waste on the parking lot to prevent it from ending up in the dunes or the sea. Soon there will also be special, animal-friendly, lighting installed. In addition, we currently have 4 charging stations for electric cars on the site, in the near future that will be 8 (later on there will be even more!). Here you can charge your car for free. Then your car, like you, can go home energized after your visit. Win win! With the arrival of the charging stations, however, we have been confronted with a new type of guest: the charging-pole-sticker. Never heard of it? Meaning 'charging pole sticker'charging pole sticker (the; v (m); plural: charging pole stickers; diminutive:charging pole sticky [in case of a small car] The charging-post-sticker is so fond of the charging station that it remains on for longer than the required charging time (an hour or two). We're very happy to have you, really. But there are more cars wanting to go home charged, you want that for them too right? That's why we ask all chargers to make the world a bit nicer, starting with themselves. Costs nothing, delivers you a big smile. What you have to do for that? Easy: move your car. Happy parking for everyone! * Charging-pole-stickers can be described as cars (or car owners) that are, as it were, glued to a charging station. The word has been formed in a similar way to a banknote (someone who is not enterprising, but spends all his time sitting or hanging on the couch) and nests (a young adult who continues to live up to his parents), but also reminds him of plush slap (politician who is addicted to power).

How to keep plastic out of our oceans?

National Geographic

Plastic pollution is the biggest threat to oceans and beaches worldwide. Fortunately, there is increasing attention for this problem. That's the first step towards a future without plastic. #stopusingplastic

A clean PaanZEE

Who takes care of that?

Nice to meet you, these are the three (step) brothers: Daan (18), Joey (17) and Thijs (15). They have been making sure that PaanZEE is well maintained for 2.5 years now. Weather or no weather, these men are here every week. "You don't want to know what tricks you have to do to get the rubbish into the garbage bags in heavy wind, haha", says one of the brothers. How did you end up at PaanZEE? "We went for a drink with our parents at Zoomers. We were talking about the fact that we would like to do something together to make money, but also for fun. When we walked back to the parking lot we immediately thought that 'parking attendant' would be something for us. At home we immediately sent an email to PaanZEE. A few days later, the manager replied that he didn't need parking attendants, but did urgently needed people to maintain the site. We immediately got excited and said yes, maybe in the future we'll be able to become a parking attendant after all... What is your motivation? "We find it fun and useful to work with our family and at the same time contribute to the environment. And we're also very proud when the terrain looks nice and tidy. " What is the craziest thing you have encountered while cleaning? "We come across everything from bank cards to bicycle keys, from socks to gloves, but also from diapers to condoms and when we're lucky, we also find a coin or two." Do you often receive feedback from visitors? "There are people who come and chat with us every week. Some tell us we're doing a great job, others let us know they simply don't understand why people throw their waste away so thoughtless. We've seen people helping us out spontaneously, and some ask us if we're doing community service. But the most heard comment is people congratulating us with the great job we're doing and the fact that the parking lot looks more beautiful every time they visit. We really love to hear that! " Do you have a message for the visitors? "Don't leave any mess behind, help the environment and us too."

What is PaanZEE?

Let us explain

PaanZEE. We're writing our name in this way for a reason which has everything to do with emphasis: P (arking) at the Zee (=beach). We've simply chosen this name to not make things more complicated than necessary. Having explained to you our name, you will soon find that 'easiness" is also a big part of our  mission.We want to make parking fun & easy. Where a nice day or pleasant experience often starts after parking your vehicle, we want parking to be the starting point of that. How we plan to do that? Let's start with offering you as relaxed a parking experience as possible, which you can arrange online if you like. We provide different subscriptions and products to simply make relaxing offline easier. Since nature gives us right to exist in Castricum at Sea, we applaud a green state of mind. Therefore we offer free electric car charging on site and several emission free products on our website. PaanZEE is the brother of CaanZEE (Castricum aan ZEE).  CaanZEE is the umbrella name for this area with all her activities such as the beach pavilions on site.