What is PaanZEE?

Let us explain

PaanZEE. We're writing our name in this way for a reason which has everything to do with emphasis: P (arking) at the Zee (=beach). We've simply chosen this name to not make things more complicated than necessary. Having explained to you our name, you will soon find that 'easiness" is also a big part of our  mission.We want to make parking fun & easy. Where a nice day or pleasant experience often starts after parking your vehicle, we want parking to be the starting point of that. How we plan to do that? Let's start with offering you as relaxed a parking experience as possible, which you can arrange online if you like. We provide different subscriptions and products to simply make relaxing offline easier. Since nature gives us right to exist in Castricum at Sea, we applaud a green state of mind. Therefore we offer free electric car charging on site and several emission free products on our website. PaanZEE is the brother of CaanZEE (Castricum aan ZEE).  CaanZEE is the umbrella name for this area with all her activities such as the beach pavilions on site.

The charging-pole-sticker phenomenon

what is it and what's it doing?

PaanZEE is a parking lot with a green ambition. We are aware of the vulnerable area we are in. For example, we do our best to remove waste on the parking lot to prevent it from ending up in the dunes or the sea. Soon there will also be special, animal-friendly, lighting installed. In addition, we currently have 4 charging stations for electric cars on the site, in the near future that will be 8 (later on there will be even more!). Here you can charge your car for free. Then your car, like you, can go home energized after your visit. Win win! With the arrival of the charging stations, however, we have been confronted with a new type of guest: the charging-pole-sticker. Never heard of it? Meaning 'charging pole sticker'charging pole sticker (the; v (m); plural: charging pole stickers; diminutive:charging pole sticky [in case of a small car] The charging-post-sticker is so fond of the charging station that it remains on for longer than the required charging time (an hour or two). We're very happy to have you, really. But there are more cars wanting to go home charged, you want that for them too right? That's why we ask all chargers to make the world a bit nicer, starting with themselves. Costs nothing, delivers you a big smile. What you have to do for that? Easy: move your car. Happy parking for everyone! * Charging-pole-stickers can be described as cars (or car owners) that are, as it were, glued to a charging station. The word has been formed in a similar way to a banknote (someone who is not enterprising, but spends all his time sitting or hanging on the couch) and nests (a young adult who continues to live up to his parents), but also reminds him of plush slap (politician who is addicted to power).

Parking at Castricum at Sea

PaanZEE in the media

Source: Bron: Nieuwsblad voor Castricum - January 9th 2019

Why visiting the beach during winter is a great idea

The beach pavilions at CaanZEE (= Castricum aan ZEE) are open all year round, which is quite unique and rare in the Netherlands. On the beaches of Bloemendaal and Zandvoort aan Zee, for example, only one or two pavilions are open all seasons. This means that CaanZEE (and with it PaanZEE) not only attracts visitors with sunny weather but also people who make dune walks in autumn and winter, play sports, go running with their dogs, eat stew or drink hot chocolate when it's grey and rainy. After all, the beach is always a good idea! Next time when it storms or rains realize that the beach can always give you a nice afternoon. PaanZEE is always open at all times so that's no excuse for staying home... For all low season beach lovers there's the 'Dogs & Horses' subscription. A winter season ticket with which you can park unlimited at PaanZEE between October 1st and April 30th. Would you like to order this subscription halfway through winter? No problem! After the summer, starting October 1st, you can again use the remaining days from your Dogs & Horses subscription. Oh and of course you can use this subscription also without a four-legged friend. You can order the Dogs & Horses winter subscription via:

PaanZEE has an AED

In the Netherlands, 35 people suffer from a heart attack outside the hospital every day. To be able to help properly, an AED is indispensable. According to research done by the Dutch Heart Foundation, 34% of Dutch people don’t know where to find the nearest AED in their immediate environment. The faster an AED is depoloyed in the event of a cardiac arrest, the greater the survival chances. Every second counts. All the more reason for PaanZEE to place an AED, since we welcome a lot of people every year. You can find the AED on the outside of a PaanZEE cash register. All together (ours included), there are now 12 AEDs in the Castricum area, which according to the Heart Foundation is a healthy number. Placing and facilitating an AED isn’t enough though. In the event of an emergency, it’s important someone who can offer first aid and can operate the AED is present. In that context, the PaanZEE team recently did a CPR course. Now they are able to provide the necessary help safely, with the necessary resources available, while waiting for professional help. In addition to offering you a Happy Parking experience, we at PaanZEE also stand for safety on and around the site. On that note we’re happy to have the AED on our premises to ensure both your and our safety.