Coming Soon

What's coming soon?

PaanZEE Lighting 

We’ll install bat and bird-friendly LED lighting on and around PaanZEE. Taking into account the color of the light; green LED lighting fits best in nature and also ensures optimal visibility. The luminaires provide virtually no stray light and are made from recyclable materials.

Short-term parking=
Pay when you leave for your actual parking time.

In July 2017, we submitted our application for the permit for short-term parking to the Castricum Municipality. As soon as the permit is granted, we can set up our parking lot in a way that we can offer short-term parking.

* Update June 2019:
As you know, PaanZEE wants to realize "short-term parking" just as bad as you do. However, we cannot achieve this alone. Last winter we worked hard on an alternative plan because our earlier application encountered resistance at the Municipality, due to Natura2000 and the associated procedure. Although that plan is by far the best when it comes to safety and nature would be more than sufficiently compensated, we have now made an alternative plan that remains entirely outside Natura2000.
Unfortunately we have lost a lot of time because of this. We are now completing our plan, after which we will bring this alternative and sustainable plan into procedure. We're hoping for green light from all stakeholders, so that short-term parking can finally be introduced next winter!

For everyone
People visiting PaanZEE without a car are just as important to us. That is why we’ll submit a license application to the Municipality of Castricum mid-July 2018, for the replacement of the existing warehouses at Castricum aan Zee. We want to realize a new bicycle / moped storage with charging points for e-bikes, lockers as well as a bicycle rental. This way everyone can fully relax offline at PaanZEE!

Keep you posted!