Coming Soon

At PaanZEE we have plans.

Emmission free driving=
Reduced rates for your annual subscription.

Short-term parking=
Pay when you leave for your actual parking time.

In July 2017, we submitted our application for the permit for short-term parking to the Castricum Municipality. As soon as the permit is granted, we can set up our parking lot in a way that we can offer short-term parking.

For everyone
People visiting PaanZEE without a car are just as important to us. That is why we’ll submit a license application to the Municipality of Castricum mid-July 2018, for the replacement of the existing warehouses at Castricum aan Zee. We want to realize a new bicycle / moped storage with charging points for e-bikes, lockers as well as a bicycle rental. This way everyone can fully relax offline at PaanZEE!

Keep you posted!