PaanZEE thinks differently about parking.
Not “destination reached”, but the start of something great.

See you there?


  • Is it possible to walk from the parking lot directly into the dunes or down to the beach exit?

    No, it is not possible to enter the dunes from the parking lot. The dunes are a protected nature area, so you cannot enter just anywhere. You can walk back to the Van Oldenborghweg and enter the dunes from there. Here you will also find a PWN pay-station to purchase the required dunes entrance ticket. You can also purchase your dunes entrance ticket online via

  • Can I park my caravan?

    No, caravans are not allowed on the parking lot. You can find a nice spot at Camping Bakkum and continue on to the beach by foot or by bike. 

  • Where can I park my horse trailer?

    Horse trailers aren't allowed at the terrain of PaanZEE. 

  • Are there charging points for electric cars?

    Absolutely. Directly after you drive onto the parking lot, you will see the parking spots reserved for electric/hybrid cars where the charging stations are located. (note: electric cars only)

    Want to be sure if there's a charging station available? Find PaanZEE on the map of and check before your arrival!

    You can check the Shell Recharge app for current pricing. 

    Are you charged? Grant someone else a recharge and move your car!

    * Malfunction? Call New Motion: 31-880109500

  • Can I let someone else use my subscription?

    No, your subscription is linked to a specific number plate and cannot be used by a third party.

  • I have a new car. What should I do?

    You can change your number plate in your “My PaanZEE” account, quick and easy!

  • Why can't I register 2 number plates on 1 subscription?

    In our current system, you can link 1 license plate per subscription. You can, of course, purchase multiple subscriptions if you want to be able to drive in with different cars.

  • Can I also park for a shorter time, based on the actual parking time?

    We’re working hard to include this option. Read more here.

  • I have a subscription, through which lane can I drive in?

    With an annual and Dogs & Bosses subscription you can drive through all 2 lanes. It's your choice!

  • I want to spend the day at the beach in Castricum aan Zee. Where can I park?

    PaanZEE has a large parking lot for visitors to Castricum aan Zee, located directly next to the beach.

    Zeeweg 8
    1901 NZ Castricum
    Tel. 088 4800 200

  • What payment options are possible?

    For your safety and ours PaanZEE is pin/cards only.

  • I want to visit PaanZEE with a horse trailer, which lane can I use?

    Horse trailers aren't allowed at the terrain of PaanZEE.

  • Are dogs and horses allowed on the beach?

    Dogs are allowed on the beach at the following times:

    From October 1st to April 30th: all day.
    From May 1st to September 30th: only before 10 a.m. and after 7 p.m.

    This also applies if the dog is on a lead and when it isn't 'beach' weather. You are required to clean up your dog's droppings. You can use our Pick Up The Shit Stations!

    Horses aren't allowed at the parking of PaanZEE.

  • When and how can I renew my parking subscription?

    7 days ánd 3 days before your subscription ends you'll receive an (reminder) email from us so you can renew your subscription in time. We will also send you an SMS notification to inform you about the upcoming end of your subscription. You are responsible for the timely renewal of your subscription.

    Your renewed subscription starts as soon as your old subscription ends. Has your subscription expired and did you not renewed in time? No problem, just log in to your account and order a new subscription via P-Products. Please note: once your subscription has expired you can no longer enter PaanZEE.

  • How does a Blue Line Voucher work?

    Unfortunately it is no longer possible to buy a Blue Line Voucher.

  • How do you keep the terrain clean?

    We do our best to keep the site free of litter. Unfortunately we still fill several garbage bags with it every day. Help us by throwing your waste in trash bins and thereby preventing it from ending up in the dunes or in the sea.

  • What's a Blue Line Voucher?

    Unfortunately it is no longer possible to buy a Blue Line Voucher.

  • Can I purchase a 100% emission-free subscription?

    Yes, if you drive a 100% emission-free car. We reward green behavior, which means you pay less for this subscription than for the regular subscription. Doubt whether your car is 100% emission-free? You’ll notice this soon enough during the RDW-check in the ordering process. If your car is not 100% emission-free, you will automatically be redirected to ordering the regular annual subscription.

    Note: This subscription is linked to 1 license plate. Your license plate is recognized when driving in so that the barriers open automatically for you. Fast & Easy!

  • Can I order other parking products in addition to the my subscription?

    Yes you can! It’s our mission to make parking as fun and easy as possible. If you drive a 100% emission-free car we’ve got specific products for you. Look at the possibilities here.

  • Can I reserve a parking spot?

    At this moment, it's not possible to make a reservation for a parking spot.

  • How do I contact the administrator?

  • Are there toilets at the parking lot?

    No, there are no toilet facilities at the parking lot. There are, of course, toilets at the beach pavilions. 

  • Can I spend the night on the parking lot?

    Really? No, you are not allowed to spend the night on the parking lot. Not in your car, a caravan or a tent, either. 

  • Is there Wi-Fi at the parking lot?

    Yes, there is free Wi-Fi access for a large part of the parking lot, the entrance road and the beach plateau.

  • What does it cost to charge my car at one of the charging stations on the parking lot?

    For the current prices check the Shell Recharge app. 

  • Is there someone at the parking lot to show me where I can park?

    No, you can park anywhere within the specified parking spots.

  • I have paid the entrance fee. Can I leave the parking lot and drive in again on the same day?

    No, sorry. Your payment gives you one-time access to the parking lot. You can leave your car here for the entire day. If you leave the parking lot and want to come back on the same day, you will have to pay again. Our advice: just stay all day!

  • I have a subscription but cannot enter the parking lot.

    Possibly, your number plate is dirty or damaged? If so, then the registration system is unable to read your number plate. Please call the administrator at the entrance and he will help you out.

    It could also be that your annual subscription has expired. When your your subscription has expired it's no longer possible to renew it. If you want a new subscription in this case, order a new annual subscription via Products.

    Note: it is not possible to enter the parking lot with a number plate that is not registered in your account. You will have to pay the regular entrance fee. Read the terms of use so that you are fully informed.

  • I have a parking subscription, but I am moving away. What can I do now?

    You can arrange this quickly and easily online from your “My PaanZEE” account.

  • Can I buy a subscription for parking?

    Yes, you can. The parking subscription can only be purchased online under Products. By creating your personal PaanZEE account, you can easily buy or change your parking subscription. 

  • What are the costs of parking in Castricum aan Zee?

    The fees for parking can be found on our website under Rates. We work with a fixed fee, which allows you to park for a full day.

  • My car has been damaged, who is responsible?

    We’re sorry to hear about the damage to your car. You are personally responsible for your car, PaanZEE cannot be held liable for any damages. See also article 7 in the General Terms & Conditions. It is always a good idea to report the damage by email via . If any witnesses have contacted us, then we will certainly let you know.

  • Who/what is PaanZEE?

    PaanZEE B.V. is more than just parking. Fixed online = relax offline.